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Asher Fulero

Into Your Layers

by Halo Refuser

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Dear Listener:

Much of 'Into Your Layers' is about reaching into new territory; exploring myself and what I love about making musical art whether as Halo Refuser or in any of the other realms I inhabit. This album explores Chill, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Soul and Dub much more than my previous releases, only barely verging into even remotely-'EDM' moments. Still, all 8 of the 9 songs have been a part of my live set in various versions for a while now, so they are decidedly movement-oriented albeit on the deeper side. They have a mixture of warm, classic tones and future production that is more true to my influences while also more in my own voice. Lyrically, I tried to stay away from religious symbolism or politics, focusing on universal topics like masculine/feminine relationships and self analysis/awareness. One Dimensional is, of course, having fun with a metaphor (I'll let you ascribe a meaning). Folding Me Up describes the enveloping surrender of love, while Ask Me (I'll Give it To You) explores deeper motivations for offering help to others.

This music represents more than 2 years of careful sculpting, pieces that have been slowly refined and tweaked in my home studio and live sets since my last full-length release in 2011. Thanks to this amazing new era of modern home production, I am able to make music like this on a very small project budget, indulging investments only into the gear I use and the time I spend.

For the curious: everything was recorded, edited, composed, and mixed within Ableton Live. I also used UAD plugins and some Universal Audio gear for my inputs, which include my collection of Nord and Moog instruments & FX as well as the iPad and of course my microphones, which I used to record my voice and various other noises. Apart from a few found samples, all other sounds are made with Ableton instruments with two notable exceptions: Nickles D'Onofrio makes an appearance, playing the Acoustic Guitar parts on 'Forest Spores', while Brett McConnell appears on both 'Forest Spores' and 'Feeding Brains' playing moody Lap Steel. When it came time for the finishing touch I went to the legendary Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters UK (Ninja Tune (Amon Tobin, Bonobo), Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus, Thundercat), The Orb, Crystal Method, Brian Eno, Shpongle, Squarepusher, Ott etc) for that mastering magic I've loved on so many albums.


released June 3, 2014

All songs Written, Produced, Arranged, Performed and Mixed by Asher Fulero

Brett McConnell : lap steel (Tracks 3 & 7)
Nickles D'Onofrio : acoustic guitar (Track 3)

Mastering by Kevin Metcalf at The Soundmasters UK

Cover Image by Mikko Lagerstedt

Asher Fulero uses pianos by Nord and synthesizers by Moog.


all rights reserved



Halo Refuser Portland

Halo Refuser
≠ Asher Fulero


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Track Name: One Dimensional
I can't see past the line I move on
I won't know when I get there
I only move in one direction
You can't see me at all

(I have no depth) A tightrope balancing act
(I have no width) I might go tumbling back

I can't see past the angle that I'm stuck in
I won't know when I stop
I only move in one direction
Track Name: Folding Me Up
Beyond the hustle
I found what I needed
waiting for me
just like I always knew it would be

(Folding me up) Into your layers
(Folding me up) Your warm embrace
(Folding me up) Feeding me shelter

Holding you closer leads my heart astray
Hearts beat together, the world slips away
Track Name: Ask Me (I'll Give It To You)
Ask me, go ahead and ask me
I've got answers
Ask me, go ahead and ask me
I've got answers for you

Sometimes these things are complicated
So if you're unsure all you need to do is ask me
Sometimes you may not understand it
But if you need me you know that you can always ask me

Don't hesitate to reach out, ask me when you want to know
Day or night or morning; ask me when we're at the show

(Something for nothing) I'll give it to you
(All that I have) I'll give it to you

It's a way to stay in touch with you
It's a way to make you need me
It's a way to make sure that you can't live without me

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